Our Golden Mile is Back

As Councillors, our MP, senior officers and contractors gathered with the Mayor and Sir Bob Kerslake last Friday evening for the switching on of the new illuminated masts one could not help but feel we had our Golden Mile back.

What had promised to be a rainy event was transformed as the western sky was lit with a truly magnificent rose gold sunset which seemed to glow over the proceedings, the Amusement Arcades and businesses of Marine Parade were resplendent with their Vegas style lights and as the City Beach Project comes to a close it really does seem to have achieved its aim in removing the tarnish and giving us a Golden Mile.

The Mayor touched the screen on the remote and after a slight hesitation the Illumination jumped to life, colours changed, patterns evolved and as it grew darker they became ever more eye catching.  

Mariner’s Square with the many water jets is virtually complete, the toilets and foreshore building are well in hand, the trees and planting look really good and are nearly complete and the Illumination masts, well you will either love them or hate them, but I hope you will agree that the Golden Mile is once again Golden!

5 responses to “Our Golden Mile is Back

  1. May I be the first to brand them “The Marmite Lights”, you either love them or you hate them, personally I think they are lovely and one of the best things done by the council has to be this Better Southend project, it hurt, but it’s worked.

    With City Beach, Cuckoo Corner, Progress Road and the very impressive Victoria Gateway all near completion, it’s just Warrior Square Gardens to go, and I can’t wait to see them!

    Going back to the Marmite lights, I love the patterns and colors, only when you see a builder near them do you realise just how big they are!!
    Very modern and very “arty”

    Most impressed Southend Council, and the council tax freeze has made me even more happy, keep up the good work!

  2. I totally agree with Tristans comments.

  3. I just want to hear what the council is going to do to protect the teenagers, who lark around on the seafront, from fast traffic. Now the speed bumps have been removed we can be absolutely certain more youngsters will be injured. It has been around a quarter of a century since we managed to kill a young girl there. Speed bumps ensured that would probably never happen again. But boy racers and selfish Tories have wanted to get rid of child protection measures, like the bumps, for years.

    There will probably also be a problem with intoxicated adults who wander in and out of the road on Friday and Saturday nights. Although they, of course, ought to know better. Intelligent people recognise that children are very different – they will always make foolish mistakes and do stupid things. And the intelligent, compassionate part of society has a duty to speak up and attempt to protect them.

    Will Mrs Waite act or do nothing until a child is cripled or killed (see my earlier post on this topic under Prada on Sea).

  4. If thats not scaremongering I don’t know what is?
    Perhaps you and your friends that are anti any progress should consider moving to Jaywick. There’s been little or no investment in the area and is now classified as the most deprived area in England.
    Fortunately our Council haven’t allowed Southend to follow suit.

  5. Jon Fuller,

    What a world you live in. Yes there were some speedbumps on the old road, but that didn’t stop anyone walking out in front of traffic, let alone a child. If your concern was that speedbumps slowed the traffic and that there removal might lead to cars driving faster then having driven along the new road I’d say your pretty much totally wrong.

    The big wide open two lanes almost invited unsafe driving. By bringing it down to one lane it really makes the ‘feel’ of the road a lot slower. You used to get boy racers speeding between the bumps, but with on comming traffic now right beside you on the road thats a lot less attractive as a proposition.

    Anyway your immediate use of hyperbole – ‘Will Mrs Waite act or do nothing until a child is cripled or killed’ – makes you sound ridiculous. The new seafront actually provides far more area for families and their children to stroll along the beach further away from cars.

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