Shame on You

Last night the Council discussed the terms of the airport lease. Following the meeting as I was leaving a woman came up to me and said in my face- Shame on you.

Is it shameful to restrict the number of night flights?

Is it shameful to control the noise emissions of the planes?

Is it shameful to ensure the direction of landing and takeoff  is, as much as possible, over the least populated areas?

Is it shameful to cap the total number of flights?

Is it shameful to require a second instrument landing facility?

Is it shameful to restrict the amount of cargo?

Is it shameful to want to provide more jobs for Southend and Rochford residents?

No I don’t think so- the shameful thing is that SAEN still persist in objecting to all of the above and post inaccurate personal comments on their website ! Madame, whoever you were- Shame on you.

The full list of conditions being imposed v the existing can be seen here –Conditions proposed v existing


One response to “Shame on You

  1. Well said,

    It’s a shame that people cant see here we have a private company willing to invest large amounts of money creating jobs for the people of Southend, with little cost to the Southend tax payer.

    It would be a tragic for Southend if a small group of protesters were to destroy all future investment opportunities for Southend with thier persistent protests, much of it featuring miss information

    If they continue their “fight” this might very well put off other major national companies investing in Southend, sending the town back to the long slow lingering death it was facing in the late 1990’s.

    This is something that must not happen, Southend in the last few years has seen major strides in investment and improvements, its jsut a shame the two largest protest groups are determined to block any and all investment and any and all job creation schmes in the borough.

    What a shame some of the towns very own councillors are in the same frame of mind…

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