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Sneak Preview of City Beach

I went along to take a look at City Beach to see  how the work is progressing as I’m told the first section is nearing completion and will  be opened to the public very soon. Quite a milestone! 

It’s looking good too!

The area is  in front of Hartington Road  and  now only needs a coat of protection so that gum and dirt are more easily removed. Once the whole length of the new carriageway is completed traffic will be  transfered onto it, to allow the new pedestrian area, which is now the carriageway, to be transformed.


The Cornucopia,  said to be the smallest pub in Essex, is on the corner and once the new area is opened the pavement outside will be repaved to match the new paving.                               

 A detail of the new paving, we have chosen a good qualitypaving slab  in a range of colours to reflect the importance of the Seafront.