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Residents come first as always with Conservatives

Last Thursday at full Council the Conservative group confirmed that they have not used the ‘whip’ for years and that indeed they no longer have one.  Your Southend-on-Sea  Conservative Cllr is free to vote and to raise questions as they wish and  indeed they do and have done so for years.  Southend Conservatives have regular group meetings where any ward issues or concerns can be raised and discussed and a solution worked through. All the Cabinet papers are also fully discussed and amended if needed, no Cllr is prevented from bringing up any issue or forced to vote against the interests of their ward.

In the 10 years that the Conservatives have formed the Administration in Southend the Central Conservative Party has never once directed them to amend or change anything, they have never told Southend what to do or what view to take. We act together as a local party and we work out our policies together based upon what is best for Southend and Conservtive values.