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Southend Airport Judicial Review fails

Judgement has been given this morning on the application by Laura Millard for leave to apply for Judicial Review of the Council’s decision to grant planning permission (reference SOS/09/01960/FULM)  for the runway extension at Southend Airport. This followed an oral Hearing held last week.
The High Court refused to grant leave and the judge ruled that all 4 grounds of challenge advanced on behalf of Ms Millard were unarguable.

Hopefully that is the end of the matter, unless Ms Millard attempts to pursue an appeal to the Court of Appeal or  some type of action in Europe.

‘SAEN’ lodge appeal against airport decision

‘SAEN’ have appealed for a verbal hearing. During which they will get a short time to argue their case for a judicial review of the airport extension decision. Last week’s judgement was unequivocal, you can read it here- JR Order 03 02 11

We can now look forward to further months of delay and mounting legal costs to be borne by the tax payer and in the meantime Southend and Rochfords’ economic revival will be handicapped and the job prospects of many put on hold by the actions of a few.

Say yes to Southend airport expansion

Read the formal notification on the Airport Judicial Review

Please click   JR Order 03 02 11 to read the formal response to the application for a judicial review by  resident  Laura Millard.

Now we need to move on , get the landlord consent signed off and the JAAP underway so as to ensure we are ready to maximise the economic benefits for Rochford and Southend once the Airport ‘Takes Off’.  As we come out of the economic down turn- we will need those jobs!

Looks like airport could be on its way to expansion!

We understand that the courts have refused leave for a judicial review of the planning application decision relating to the airport runway extension.  We have yet to receive formal confirmation of this judgement. 

Received today from Chief Exec Southend BC.  I understand the applicant could appeal this in some way requesting a verbal hearing.