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Council acts to prevent cold weather deaths

Having read the comment below this Echo  article I think I should clarify a few things. The dissemination of information to residents is not the ‘Nanny State’ and yes, we are well aware that many of those that most need assistance do not feel that they can ask for it and that many are owner occupiers, hence the article which is telling residents where to go for help and advice. The grants available are open to all and where a resident does not qualify for totally free insulation etc they can still benefit greatly from paying a small contribution.

Grants cover roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, boiler upgrades, double glazing etc and for those on certain benefits or over 70 can be free of charge. As the commenter says some have fought for this country and paid their taxes all their lives, so now is the opportunity to really help some of our more elderly residents and to direct them, or to phone on their behalf if you are worried, to the Council for advice.

Unfortunately the conditions as to who may receive some state benefits is open to exploitation and yes some scroungers will no doubt claim but that is no reason to stop others applying.