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Fairhavens proposal for green belt development

Firstly let me say that the work of Fairhavens and support it gives to those in need is not in question, nor is it questionable that a better premises would greatly improve the facilities.

However, whether or not there should be development in the green belt is questionable. Normally in planning, certain larger developments have to prove that there are no suitable locations closer to the town centre, on brown field sites etc depending on the type of development that is being proposed.

I would therefor like to suggest an alternative location- Fossets Farm, to be precise on the site of the earlier hospital diagnostic centre proposal that had consent. This site is well located, has relatively easy access by car, great views to the North over the Roach Valley and to the south the ancient monument which is in dire need of some loving care and attention could be incorporated into the  ‘grounds’.  The access to and from Southend Hospital is fair , the Wellesley Spire and the St Luke’s extended surgery are nearby.  This is a well connected site that retains rural aspects and peacefulness through careful landscaping could be ensured.

The land is not green belt and had consent for hospital use, public transport has improved greatly over recent years to this area and could be further enhanced if demand was there.

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