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Southend Summer- It’s a great place to be…..

So at  last the sun is out and the children have broken up. The last few days have seen thousands flocking to our beaches and seafront. The new water fountains at City Beach have been a real hit with the children. Perhaps it was our win in the Tour de France but cycling on the seafront cycle track seems very popular too, for all ages.

For those that want to get active there is the Southend Marine Activity Centre where all sorts of watersports can be experienced and there is the Essex Boot Camp which trains in both Leigh and Southend on the cliffs, evenings and weekends.

If it’s a bit of culture that you fancy then take a look at visit southend where you will find a whole list of events, many on the pier too, oveImager the summer.




Feeling hungry then  download a copy of Dine on Sea and choose yourself a place to eat.

The Pier Pavilion or Cultural Centre is at long last ready, so why not go down the pier and take a look and decide for self if you like it or not.

For a picnic by the sea try East Beach in Shoebury it has picnic benches and BBQ facilities ready for you to use your grills on, wide green grass expanses and no cars, so take a ball or two and have some fun by the seaside- or you could just watch the kite surfers whilst sunning yourself.Image

For something a little different why not go to Leigh, have yourself a morning coffee, browse the shops then wander down the old staircase beside the Church to Old Leigh, cross over the bridge and perhaps have a light lunch or just take the camera for some intersting shots of this working fishing port..

These are just a few of the many things on offer in Southend, so do a little digging and have a great day out in Southend, it’s a great place to be.


Guardian comment on Southend

Southend-On-Sea: You won’t find a more grounded seaside resort than this.

What’s going for it? I once saw a bronzed, elderly lady in a thong karaoking at 6pm on the prom at Southend. On a Tuesday! Here, I thought, was a town that knows how to have a good time. Brighton, despite its seediness, always had airs and graces. Still does. You won’t, though, find a more grounded seaside resort than Southend. It has its posh side, and these days it’s made the inevitable attempt to gentrify itself with arts festivals and the like. But only Leigh-on-Sea has really fallen to the Cath Kidstons. Southend is red in tooth and claw. Turn the corner into Shoeburyness and Essex’s vast skies meld with mudflats and wetlands to make the most ethereal, peaceful landscape imaginable. While faded, like most resorts, Southend has never lost the fight, unlike most resorts. It’s still alive. That thong lady had it figured.

The case against If you’re averse to bronzed, elderly ladies karaoking, this probably isn’t the place for you. Avoid all that by sticking to the Thorpe Bay/Shoeburyness end of things. The beach can be more sludge than sand when the tide’s out, though it’s as clean as a whistle.

Well connected? Very. You have your pick of dual carriageways to zip you through Essex. And the train service is good: around an hour to London from Southend East or Victoria, five to seven trains an hour.

Schools Among primaries, St Mary’s Prittlewell CofE and Sacred Heart Catholic are “good” with some “outstanding” features, with Bournes Green Junior, Temple Sutton Primary and Milton Hall “outstanding”. Secondaries: Shoeburyness High and The Eastwood are “good”, St Bernard’s High “outstanding”.

Hang out at… Rossi’s ice-cream parlour. Knickerbocker for me, please.

Where to buy Mostly very affordable for the south-east. Huge Edwardian semis for £250,000. Unattainable only in the poshest end of Thorpe Bay. Look at nearby Southchurch “village” for big Edwardian town houses, Kilworth estate, Clifftown conservation area, Westcliff-on-sea, Milford estate, and the Southend conservation area for nice Victorian semis and terraces.

Market values Huge detacheds, £500,000-£800,000 and up to £1m. Detacheds, £170,000-£500,000. Semis and town houses, £160,000-£415,000. Terraces £140,000-£300,000. Flats from £60,000 for a studio, up to £215,000.

Bargain of the week Five-bed end of terrace, currently two flats, in the Clifftown Conservation Area. £340,000, with Sorrell.

From the streets

Holly Edwards “Rossi’s ice-cream is a local institution. My nan wouldn’t eat any other. True blue Tory stronghold, so it can be hard to find a Guardian…”

Nathan Coyne “People joke about Shoeburyness on the train from Fenchurch Street, but they have clearly never been farther than the station. It’s got beaches and coastal walks with views over the estuary. Properties in Shoebury Garrison would cost millions closer to London.”

John Cheek “East Beach is lovely, where the Thames Estuary meets the North Sea.”

Taken from the Guardian

Green and pleasant: Southend Conservatives lead regeneration of East Beach

Following years of complaints about rowdy behaviour and kids in cars etc a Conservative led scheme will see this busy visitor location become a safer, greener place.

Vehicles will now be prevented from the main open grassed areas leaving them car free and safe for children, a new cycling route is going to replace cars on the small lane as the humps are removed and picnic tables and BBQ stations will be in place within the month.

The new car park area has been extensively landscaped, new solar powered ticketing machines have been installed and some 30 new trees have planted.

East Beach is totally different from the resst of the Southend shoreline, its a bit on the ‘wild’ side and enjoys more open vistas across the widening estuary, Oyster catchers can be seen in the flood  pools and off shore, seagulls are nearly always in residence.

A local kite surf oganisation operates from the far corner of East Beach and you can watch the kites as they traverse the water, often falling in, but, as they get up speed, it is quite a spectacle.



 How do you know what an independent will do?  Firstly Cllr Assenheim agrees to the scheme, he told officers at his briefing on East Beach that the proposals would deal with the problems and he stated in an e-mail –

If he  (he being a local resident) did, in fact, tell you that I was opposed to many items of the proposals, he got the wrong end of the stick. What I did say to him was, personally I am in favour of the scheme only if, as I said at the Meeting, we have 100% enforcement on everything, otherwise I don’t agree. 

Cllr Assenheim receieved full details of the new enforcement regime and was assurred all cars would have payment enforced, within the realms of common sense.

Then he decides he is opposed to scheme and he and his new found convert from Labour, Ann Chalk, start a concerted effort to thwart the improvements by constantly requesting more and more info and raising more and more queries all of which the officers have to deal with. They have wasted time and money as officers have spent hours responding to them.

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improvements underway- East Beach

improvements underway- East Beach










Cars under a tree- East Beach

Cars under a tree- East Beach

Independents have caused delay and expense but work commenced this week.

Please Comment

It all seems to happening a the moment, lots of letters about the Airport, e-mails from local residents about East Beach that are getting out of hand and loads of ward and portfolio things going on as well. 
The Airport Question
Where do I stand?- I generally support the proposal but I will be looking at all the comments received and any amendments very carefully before finalising my position.

Why am I generally in favour?

I believe that the new jobs are essential for the future economic well being of the town and the residents. Many of the 7000+ new jobs will be well paid jobs suitable for our younger residents that have either A’levels or a degree, if we do not provide good quality jobs for our younger residents they will be forced to move away and if we loose the next generation of good earners Southend will slowly die. I also believe that through a planning application to extend the runway we can condition and thus control the noise, type of planes, number of flights and number of night flights, all issues which those who object to the runway extention state as their reason for objecting. Yet if there is no planning approval there will be no control and the airport can continue as now with no controls. It will still be able to expand to 2 million passengers, it will just be harder and there will be more smaller planes, older noisier planes and more night flights.

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