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Adding a certain something!

Southend is set to plant palm trees along our Seafront to soften the landscape. Many residents have over the past few years suggested that Palm Trees would improve the seafront.  Some will be fitted in along the existing eastern cycle path whilst many more will go in as part of the new cycle path that is planned to run westwards from the Pier to Chalkwell. The new western section will be built parallel to the southern promenade. The palm trees, which will be selected for climate and exposure, will be carefully located so as not to obscure views for residents. Work should commence this spring but will probably stop over the summer season, commencing again in the autumn.

In March 2011 when City Beach is completed it will be posible to cycle from Chalkwell to East Beach, off road, which is a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to cycle for fun, excersise or as a family but are not too happy doing so on road.

The Palm Trees  will not be going into City Beach as this will has a very full seperate landscape scheme as well as an off road cycle route which will link the eastern and western sections..