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Court fines Mr Pang £3000 for breaches in management of homes of multiple occupation

 Coincidentally while Mr Pang was in court, Southend was hosting a Landlord’s Forum where local landlords were being told about the new Landlord Accreditation Scheme. This new scheme which is available throughout Thames Gateway South Essex will recognise landlords who sign up to certain standards, undertake training and accept occasional random checks on their properties. Many landlords do a really goo job but are let down by the few who simply don’t care and it must be said that that not all tenants behave well. However, we have to find ways of stopping bad landlords and bad tenants from ruining our streets with neglect and by giving official recognition to the good landlords this is one step closer and will help responsible tenants in finding a good landlord.

Too many rented properties are poorly maintained which apart from not being good for tenants is also detrimental to other residents in the area. Southend cannot build enough new properties for all those wanting a home so we must make better use of our existing housing stock. There are too many roads of run down, predominantly rented properties were neither the tenant nor the landlord bothers, the sad thing is many of these roads  could be really delightful if the landlords and tenants just cared a bit more.