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After years of negotiations and a £40 million investment, Mayor Boris Johnson and the train operating companies have finally come to an agreement which means commuters will be able to touch in and out at all London  Network Rail stations from 2 January as well as on the Tube and bus network.

The move will make some journeys cheaper as passengers will not have to buy a separate ticket for the Overground.

More details at – London Evening Standard

This is being extended to Ockendon, I think it should be extended to Shoebury and Southend Victoria-

Please Comment

It all seems to happening a the moment, lots of letters about the Airport, e-mails from local residents about East Beach that are getting out of hand and loads of ward and portfolio things going on as well. 
The Airport Question
Where do I stand?- I generally support the proposal but I will be looking at all the comments received and any amendments very carefully before finalising my position.

Why am I generally in favour?

I believe that the new jobs are essential for the future economic well being of the town and the residents. Many of the 7000+ new jobs will be well paid jobs suitable for our younger residents that have either A’levels or a degree, if we do not provide good quality jobs for our younger residents they will be forced to move away and if we loose the next generation of good earners Southend will slowly die. I also believe that through a planning application to extend the runway we can condition and thus control the noise, type of planes, number of flights and number of night flights, all issues which those who object to the runway extention state as their reason for objecting. Yet if there is no planning approval there will be no control and the airport can continue as now with no controls. It will still be able to expand to 2 million passengers, it will just be harder and there will be more smaller planes, older noisier planes and more night flights.

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