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Cambridge to Southend Cycle Ride or a 10 mile shorter ride!

That’s right a 74mile ride from Cambridge to Southend- ‘Cam to Coast’ or if you cannot manage that then go for one of 10 mile stretches at the start or end. All in aid of the The British Heart Foundation- cycling is good for your health and your sponsorship money will go to a very good cause!

If you live in the Southend area, are a bit unsure about cycling 74 miles or want to make it a family event join in the short stretch from Leigh along the seafront, take it easy, perhaps stop a while at the new City Beach or to enjoy the Estuary views which are always great whether the tides in or out, perhaps  take a picnic or BBQ and enjoy East Beach. You should be able to train back to Leigh if you cannot arrange a lift home!

26th March 2011

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Southend Shortlisted for 'Best Council'

Last year we were shortlisted for most improved council,  this year its best Council in the

 LGC awards and the list of awards, accolades and successes that

Southend Council and Partner’s  have achieved are truly amazing. They range from ‘Park Mark’ Awards for Safety in Car Parks for 20 of our car parks  to being awarded two green lights and ranked in the top three of English local authorities for our work on autism by the National Autistic Society’s Local Authority Progress Table and just about everything in between.

So let’s stop the negative stuff and start celebrating success, as it’s the successes that will move us forward and help us out of economic turn down, it’s the successes that will help us to keep going when the going gets tough and it’s the successes that will promote our town and help us achieve better jobs and better prospects for our children and grandchildren.

Red Post Boxes at Risk

It has come to light that  our our red post boxes are at risk as they are not protected in the Royal Mail sale.  link 

I find this very disapointing and have sent an e-mail to the Planning Department to ask if we can list some of them. They are part of our street scene and are  quintessentially British. Whether they are built into a wall or free standing, they have, in the main, been there for years and are part of the funiture. Do we need yet more advertising on our streets or a variety of coloured post boxes ? Our red phone boxes disappeared, we simply should not allow our post boxes to follow suit.

Green Light for City Beach

Southend’s Conservative Administration has been keeping its fingers crossed awaiting confirmation of the funding for City Beach, promised but not signed off weeks ago and at last that confirmation has come.

City Beach extends from the car park opposite the Kursaal to the Pier, it is a fantastic project to smarten up the somewhat tired existing area, it will also see the road altered to provide more pedestrian space, new public areas  includng the new Mariner’s Square with a new fun water feature, very good for when the tides out!  Ultra high  digital lighting columns will replace the old illuminations extending day into evening and a new promenade- Royal Promenade, with improved beach access too.

Work commences early 2010. Work will not interfere with the summer season.

City Beach is the last of 4 projects  planned for a Better Southend, bringing greater prosperity for residents and improved access. Progress Road- junction improvements, Cuckoo Corner- major circulation improvements and landscaping, Victoria  Station- a new junction and public square- Station Square. All will be complete by Spring 2011.