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Green and pleasant: Southend Conservatives lead regeneration of East Beach

Following years of complaints about rowdy behaviour and kids in cars etc a Conservative led scheme will see this busy visitor location become a safer, greener place.

Vehicles will now be prevented from the main open grassed areas leaving them car free and safe for children, a new cycling route is going to replace cars on the small lane as the humps are removed and picnic tables and BBQ stations will be in place within the month.

The new car park area has been extensively landscaped, new solar powered ticketing machines have been installed and some 30 new trees have planted.

East Beach is totally different from the resst of the Southend shoreline, its a bit on the ‘wild’ side and enjoys more open vistas across the widening estuary, Oyster catchers can be seen in the flood  pools and off shore, seagulls are nearly always in residence.

A local kite surf oganisation operates from the far corner of East Beach and you can watch the kites as they traverse the water, often falling in, but, as they get up speed, it is quite a spectacle.