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Labours failure to attend budget discussions leaves residents unrepresented

Meetings have been held at the Council to discuss the budget possibilities in light of sad but inevitable reductions in funding. All parties were encouraged to attend, to have input and to put forward their views. Labour have not attended a single meeting.  Sadly they are not bothering to stand up for the areas of spending important to their residents. Each department has organised a meeting between the Director, the heads of service, the portfolio holder and and a cross party group of councillors to look at where cost savings can be made and where vital services must be protected. These initial discussions were held under Chatham House rules so that all councillors were able to express views freely.  Labour’s failure to attend is regrettable, it has left the residents of Victoria entirely without representation and is both an irresponsible and an immature approach to local politics.

I find this reticence to participate and undertake their role on council unfathomable. I cannot beleive they would be playing political games with an issue of such importance to their residents. They cannot be unaware of the responsibility their party has for the circumstances we find ourselves in, but putting aside national politics this is ultimately now a local issue, and it would be terrible if locally Labour failed in their duty to residents.