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The signs are up ‘Closing Down Sale’

Sorry to see TJ Hughes is pulling out of the High Street, given how busy it was I was hopeful that it might have been kept open by the administrators in the hope of finding a buyer.

On the positive side I suppose that since they did it all up, put in escalators etc it might be re let more easily.

Progress Road Junction Improvements Win Top Award

The Progress Road junction has just clinched a major award from Local Government News. (LGN) .The successful scheme won the “Highway” category of the LGN‟s Street Design 2011 Awards.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the officers that worked so hard to deliver what we asked for- on time and on budget and especially Paul Matheison and Karen Gearing who not only played a major role in delivering this project but also gave me immense support in the process.  Thank You and Well Done, you deservbe this award.

Progress Road junction is part of the Better Southend initiative, launched to help to make the borough a better place for residents, visitors and businesses to live, rest and work.

The LGN judges recognised how significantly the new Progress Road scheme was reducing traffic queues and delays at the junction, adding: ‘The work has provided local and national benefits and was completed on a tight budget.’

‘The infrastructure improvements achieved during the scheme will also enable further regeneration work to be carried out in the area.’

The new Progress Road junction provides additional lanes on both carriageways of the A127, allowing traffic to flow through the area more easily.

The £5m scheme, was delivered on time and on budget, and was funded by grants from the Homes & Communities Agency and from the Council‟ Capital Budget.

Small charity do hit by need for events license

I learnt today of a group of work collegues in a local store who were planning to hold a small ‘talent’ competition to raise money for their chosen cause which had been required to gain an events license. Fortunately their company Tesco stepped in and paid up the £21.00 fee, not much, but surely Southend could consider accomodating such small fund raising events.

Would you like to be a Conservative Councillor?

RSECA- Rochford and Southend East Conservative Association, have opened the councillor candidate list. Our wards will be selecting candidates for the 2012 elections over the next few
months and if you would like to be considered, then we would like to hear from

If you would like to be a councillor, would like to know more about
becoming a councillor or what is involved in being a councillor please contact
us at  or phone 01702 600460 as soon as possible.

Guardian comment on Southend

Southend-On-Sea: You won’t find a more grounded seaside resort than this.

What’s going for it? I once saw a bronzed, elderly lady in a thong karaoking at 6pm on the prom at Southend. On a Tuesday! Here, I thought, was a town that knows how to have a good time. Brighton, despite its seediness, always had airs and graces. Still does. You won’t, though, find a more grounded seaside resort than Southend. It has its posh side, and these days it’s made the inevitable attempt to gentrify itself with arts festivals and the like. But only Leigh-on-Sea has really fallen to the Cath Kidstons. Southend is red in tooth and claw. Turn the corner into Shoeburyness and Essex’s vast skies meld with mudflats and wetlands to make the most ethereal, peaceful landscape imaginable. While faded, like most resorts, Southend has never lost the fight, unlike most resorts. It’s still alive. That thong lady had it figured.

The case against If you’re averse to bronzed, elderly ladies karaoking, this probably isn’t the place for you. Avoid all that by sticking to the Thorpe Bay/Shoeburyness end of things. The beach can be more sludge than sand when the tide’s out, though it’s as clean as a whistle.

Well connected? Very. You have your pick of dual carriageways to zip you through Essex. And the train service is good: around an hour to London from Southend East or Victoria, five to seven trains an hour.

Schools Among primaries, St Mary’s Prittlewell CofE and Sacred Heart Catholic are “good” with some “outstanding” features, with Bournes Green Junior, Temple Sutton Primary and Milton Hall “outstanding”. Secondaries: Shoeburyness High and The Eastwood are “good”, St Bernard’s High “outstanding”.

Hang out at… Rossi’s ice-cream parlour. Knickerbocker for me, please.

Where to buy Mostly very affordable for the south-east. Huge Edwardian semis for £250,000. Unattainable only in the poshest end of Thorpe Bay. Look at nearby Southchurch “village” for big Edwardian town houses, Kilworth estate, Clifftown conservation area, Westcliff-on-sea, Milford estate, and the Southend conservation area for nice Victorian semis and terraces.

Market values Huge detacheds, £500,000-£800,000 and up to £1m. Detacheds, £170,000-£500,000. Semis and town houses, £160,000-£415,000. Terraces £140,000-£300,000. Flats from £60,000 for a studio, up to £215,000.

Bargain of the week Five-bed end of terrace, currently two flats, in the Clifftown Conservation Area. £340,000, with Sorrell.

From the streets

Holly Edwards “Rossi’s ice-cream is a local institution. My nan wouldn’t eat any other. True blue Tory stronghold, so it can be hard to find a Guardian…”

Nathan Coyne “People joke about Shoeburyness on the train from Fenchurch Street, but they have clearly never been farther than the station. It’s got beaches and coastal walks with views over the estuary. Properties in Shoebury Garrison would cost millions closer to London.”

John Cheek “East Beach is lovely, where the Thames Estuary meets the North Sea.”

Taken from the Guardian

Southend Conservatives retain control of the Council

Despite the loss of St Luke’s and Shoebury to the  Alliance Southend  Independent Party candidates Conservatives retain overall control as they won Blenheim and St Lawrence from the LibDems. Well done James and Adam and good luck and best wishes for life as councillors I am sure you will both do a great job.


Tomorrow is election day, good luck to all Conservative candidates! See you at the count.

Evenings set to be lighter, brighter and cheaper!

The scheme to extend parking charge times across Southend from 6pm to 9pm is to be shelved by the Conservative-led Council. 

After listening to residents Anna used her influence to successfully persuade the Council to shelve the new extended parking times! Anna says

 “Residents need to be encouraged into the town in the evenings and on Sundays, times are hard enough without adding parking fees to their bills! The amount that was going to be gained just did not stack up against the damage to business and inconvenience for residents. ”   councilbust comment

Over 350 residents wrote in to the Council and in response to a question to Council the portfolio holder, Cllr Flewitt, confirmed that the proposed extension would be taken through Traffic and Parking and shelved. Cllr Flewitt added:

 “..We have listened to their concerns and are now responding to them. The Conservatives are never frightened to put up their hands and say ‘We got it wrong, and we are sorry about that’ – both nationally and locally. We will always listen and never be too scared of what other people say about us changing our minds to put something right.”  

Candidates for 2011

Southend and Rochford Councils have now published the list of  Candidates

If you would like to see who is standing in each ward please click

 here for southend on Sea  candidate list and here for Rochford rochford candidates

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