It’s All In The Name

So why one has to wonder does Southend Council think ‘Cultural Centre’ is a good one?  Let’s face it how many children or teenagers or even any visitor is going to get excited about visiting a ‘cultural centre’? indeed even our die hard locals are sceptical!

Would you hold your wedding or celebrate an important birthday in a ‘cultural centre’? Well I suppose a few might but surely ‘Pier Pavilion’ is better, especially if Southend is allowed to add Royal or Jubilee to it- The Royal Pier Pavilion or The Jubilee Pier Pavilion are both a little more exciting and in no way deter from the place being used for ‘cultural’ activities and there are a number of other possibilities along this theme – Southend Royal Pier Pavilion etc. It was put up in 2012 the Jubilee year after all and since we lost out as a city could we not please have a Royal Pier to reflect the Pier’s royal heritage or even a Royal to officially open it.

There are many uses that The Pier Pavilion could be used for- cultural events certainly, but also exhibitions, parties, weddings, fund raising events, mini conferences, artists at work days, lectures, school room etc and I firmly believe that labeling it as a ‘cultural centre’ will deter more than it will attract. So come on let’s get it changed before it’s too late, let’s put some sparkle into the end of our pier after all it is supposed to be fun!


These are my views and are not the views of the Southend Conservative Group or Associations.


3 responses to “It’s All In The Name

  1. Duncan Poundcake

    What exactly is cultural about it and what was it original intended purpose? I do find myself scratching my head at so many of the councils decisions over the last few years.

    • Hi, it was originally planned to be a multi use space, exhibitions, small conference space, teaching area for visiting schools, a performance area for comedians, theatre etc, lettable space for parties etc. plus of course it was supposed to have a decent cafe and kitchen for more substantial fare.
      It was always called the pier pavilion until the dept for culture took over the process. Many people traveled to the end of the pier and found nothing so this was also supposed to be a destination area that would encourage people to go down there to see what was going on inside. It was also intended to be used for ‘ art’ – workshops, displays, artists in residence etc.
      I think it has fallen short of my expectations and should probably have been given to a private or social enterprise, with a strict contract of what is and is not allowed, to run. The council will always be hampered in delivering this type of thing.
      However, that probably goes for the whole of the end of the pier- ask most people what they want and they reply a mix of Victorian nostalgia, food of various types, a carousel and a child ride, a few arcade games, souvenirs, better signage as to what you can see, performances from clowns and stilt walkers to more high brow stuff, puppet shows etc.
      The council did a number of consultations which came back as – for the family, for residents and visitors, a maritime theme, no large arcades or slot machine alleys and not a major ride.
      I think what I have outlined in the earlier paragraph could be easily accommodated at very little cost and could be tailored to provide what the consultees wanted, all it needs is someone with the drive, imagination and determination to get it going!

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