Labour Find Dog Fouling Amusing!

I presented a petition to Council last night, signed by over 200 residents from a small number of streets troubled  by dog fouling. Labour were too busy giggling to take note of the seriousness of dog fouling, demonstrating their clear lack of concern for St Luke’s residents! The petition asks the Council to take dog fouling more seriously, for residents in some streets it is a persistent problem. Generally dog fouling is much better and the streets far cleaner but there are a few streets where the problem persists and to tackle these streets we need the Council to take an even more pro-active approach.

Its not just a question of more dog bins as the Independent suggests as these are available, but in a densely populated area its difficult, if not impossible, to find a location that is suitable- would the independent want a dog bin outside his home?  Labour say a petition is not what’s needed ‘its easy to start a petition but less easy to come up with a solution…’ words she needs to take to heart following her predecessors love of petitions!  I am hopeful of achieving what I have asked for in my petition which does actually give some solutions-

We the undersigned call upon Southend Council to take Dog Fouling more seriously by-

  • Better promotion of responsible dog ownership
  • Providing more dog waste bins
  • Putting up more offense warning notices
  • Improving the cleaning regime of problem areas
  • Issuing more penalty notices with concurrent publicity
  • Ensuring more visibility of the streetscene officers by  ensuring that at least 30% of their patrols are on foot and that they regularly patrol all known problem areas

2 responses to “Labour Find Dog Fouling Amusing!

  1. Obviously dog fouling is a serious issue and I don’t think anyone (even the local Labour Party) is suggesting it isn’t. I think that this petition is rather amusing as the Conservative have controlled the council long enough for something to be done about this issue. Secondly you have had a leading role within the council for several years as a cabinet minister and you haven’t done anything about this issue. Thirdly it seems extremely strange that a member of the conservative council and cabinet minister would petition their own party. Personally for someone on the outside of politics I don’t understand this.

  2. Tom
    The point is a great deal has been done over recent years, including the introduction of street scene officers, faster reaction times when a problem is reported, more bins etc., but we need that final push, a few streets are still suffering and the current regime is not getting that sorted. it needs a determined effort to both educate and punish.
    Residents too want to feel part of this and given the new petition regime this seemed a sensible way of allowing residents to show how important a subject it is to them. I have also asked South Essex Homes to look more closely at their dog policies and to ensure they are being applied. Since bringing the petition to the attention of officers and the portfolio holder they are already considering further ways to improve the regime.
    As I made it clear when I presented the petition it is not a critism but a highlighting issue and the petition calls for some specific actions which residents agree might help in these few hard to deal with streets.