Evenings set to be lighter, brighter and cheaper!

The scheme to extend parking charge times across Southend from 6pm to 9pm is to be shelved by the Conservative-led Council. 

After listening to residents Anna used her influence to successfully persuade the Council to shelve the new extended parking times! Anna says

 “Residents need to be encouraged into the town in the evenings and on Sundays, times are hard enough without adding parking fees to their bills! The amount that was going to be gained just did not stack up against the damage to business and inconvenience for residents. ”   councilbust comment

Over 350 residents wrote in to the Council and in response to a question to Council the portfolio holder, Cllr Flewitt, confirmed that the proposed extension would be taken through Traffic and Parking and shelved. Cllr Flewitt added:

 “..We have listened to their concerns and are now responding to them. The Conservatives are never frightened to put up their hands and say ‘We got it wrong, and we are sorry about that’ – both nationally and locally. We will always listen and never be too scared of what other people say about us changing our minds to put something right.”  

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