Cuckoo Corner

Today we see a very negative SKIPP press release about Cuckoo Corner, (only to be expected really in the circumstances)  last year they had 100 trees going, then 100 year old trees going, damage to the park, broken promises etc- none true and now a whole article about 28 sets of lights causing delay and all before the junction is even finished!

Truth is the A 127 pedestrian crossing had to be removed to build the 3rd lane, so the lights were turned on early to help pedestrians, but the detector loops are still to go in, the sequencing sorted and the lanes to be opened -oh and yes the signage and planting and much more still has to go in too….

There are three  ‘sets of lights’ on the arms of the 3 main roads entering/ exiting the roundabout and upto 4 sets controlling movements around the roundabout thats 7 sets not 28 sets. All sets of lights require more than one post so that all motorists and road users can see them.

To see how the junction will work in real time visit here the short simulation starts with the Bell junction before moving to a relatively basic model of Cuckoo Corner- the point is that the lights will better distribute the traffic depending on the amount cars appeoaching the roundabout thus allowing for smoother circulation, once one gets a green light on the roandabout junction one will be able to pass through all the remaining lights on green unless doing a 360 when one will have to wait once at a red. The lights will be adapted for differing times of day and differing traffic flows, the loops will detect the start of a queue and cause the sequecing to adapt. 

i actually went through last week from West to Eas quite quickly but there was a queue East to west, but then thee was also a lane closure and works further along, today I went through, again west to east very quickly when usually at that time i would have held up from about KFC and  there were no queues beyond about 4 cars in Priory Crescent.

4 responses to “Cuckoo Corner

  1. Whilst I do like to see road improvements around the Southend area I cannot see why the pointless and dangerous changes to Cuckoo Corner have started. As a prominent driving school in the Southend area I have had many instructors give me feed back on the delays and dangerous changes the council have made. The exit leading to Priory Cresent from te roundabout will be a blackspot for crashed. On the radio you are always having updates on traffic and one of the most areas is the Brooke Street roundabout, funny enough the same things are beingsaid about the smaller version of Brooke Street. I would urge you to relook at the changes before any more accidents happen. I know of 2 cars which have had accidents where their cars have been written off and several more so called prangs. Do somehing now before it’s too late.

  2. Tony
    Thanks for raising your concerns, I have checked with officers who are also checking with police but we have no record of any accidents.
    Under the new traffic signal layout the traffic entering the junction will be controlled by the traffic signals to meet demand and balance the traffic queues. The junction design has been subject to a safety audit and complies with Highways Agency standards and will be followed up by a further safety audit on completion.
    The new junction at Cuckoo Corner is not fully operational at the moment due to the roadworks being finished off. One of the remaining works to be completed is the exit from Prince Avenue which is still under construction with work underway to complete the new third lane and resurface the footway.
    The traffic signals have been switched on early, prior to completion of all the construction works, and are currently being configured and new “detector loops” cut in the carriageway. They were turned on early to allow the removal of the Pelican Crossing in Prince Avenue and provide safe signal controlled pedestrian crossing facilities, however this also meant that we have had to bring in the full set of traffic signals prior to completing the roadworks.
    I sincerely expect that once all is in place traffic will flow through with less queuing and, subject always to driver’s driving correctly, safely.

  3. I am astounded that people are so quick to judge a project that hasn’t even been completed.
    So far so good as far as I am concerned, and that goe’s for all the ‘Better Southend’ projects under construction.

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