M & S for Fossetts?

Marks and Spencers have indicated that they are considering a flagship store  for the Southend United Stadium Centre at Fossetts Farm. ( Today’s Echo)

 Just so long as they keep their High Street Store going this would be really good knews, a decent store to compliment Waitrose and the other stores at Fossetts would provide more jobs and opportunities, not least in St Luke’s where unemployment is high. It would boost Southend’s image in the area and be a good anchor for the new stadium complex.

The stadium will also provide training and recreational sport facilities which is again much needed in St Luke’s where many youngsters have little to do with their leisure time.

Care must be taken to prevent parking problems on match days but this was dealt with in the planning consent as was the use of the car park and money for road improvements. As a St Luke’s ward Cllr I shall be keeping a very careful eye on these issues as they can be dealt with if we all work together.

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