Art Council sits on Hoard of Art- updated

According to the Sunday Times the Arts Council has aquired a £60m arts stash. Leaving aside the whys and wherefores of their collecting all of this, lets just start to put the situation right. They have started to put the art on line (at a cost of £45k) and they say the art is available on loan. Now Southend has long wanted to improve its cultural offering and has in the past gone to the Arts Quango for funding but with relatively limited success. I don’t really care if Southend owns the art or has it on loan, indeed on loan might be better as every so often it could be changed. I can think of several places for a Sculpture or two and I am sure the Beecroft would like a rotation of art pieces. This would encourage more visitors to the town, give residents the opportunity to view special pieces that  have been bought through the tax payer and which currently are not too easy to view.


Southend Council officers have sent for details! But say insurance may be a problem- Why?  Hundreds of towns have works of art on display, it’s a question of getting some insurance…….

3 responses to “Art Council sits on Hoard of Art- updated

  1. Anna

    Couldn’T agree more, whilst Southend has some culture and art, you really have to dig to get to it.

    Thoughts of the Tate St Ives spring to mind. A destination that put St Ives on the cultural map and promoted a different type of tourist other than the bucket and spade brigade.

  2. exactly- I just need to find a way into this one!

  3. How about an area rejuvenation with art installations built into a home zone, the pieces could be lit with the street lights we need as well lol

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