Southend Airport Wins Award

The Echo has anounced that Southend Airport has won the ERA (European Regions Airline Association) Airport Achievement Award 2010 for the runway extension planning consent   Echo Article

This is great news for the Airport and for Southend. A vibrant busy, well controlled,  airport will create jobs both directly and indirectly. Directly through employing more staff from highly trained air controllers and engineers to the  less skilled but none the less important jobs. Indirectly through boosting the reputation of Southend, making it a more desirable place for business and through the supply chain for example in supplying the inflight catering requirements. It is more important now than ever before that Southend capitalises on these opportunities, jobs are scarce, our young residents need a future. I hope the airport runway extension does go ahead with all the additional controls attached to it to protect residents from noise etc. since the airport can expand without the runway extension but in that scenario it will be less beneficial and possibly more problematic.

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