Seafront Cycle Path Officially Opens

It’s all about making Southend a Better Place for Residents, business and visitors!

The red ribbon was cut this morning on Southend’s new seafront west cycle path by Southend on Sea Mayor, Cllr Ann Holland.

The new cycle path which is part of the Sustrans Route runs from Chalkwell to the Pier and is an off road route alongside the carriage way and Promenade.  Southend is a Cycling Demonstration Town and Cycling England who have contributed to the costs came down a few weeks ago to asses the safety and were very pleased with the new path and its design. It is hoped the new path will encourage more to take up cycling and by next March when City Beach completes, it will be linked to the cycle path in the East giving a wonderful opportunity for a  long ride along the shore!

Southend Council has also planted new Palm Trees along the edge of the new cycle path and into theavailable verge  spaces along the Eastern Cycle Path. The Palm Trees have really changed the atmosphere of the promenade, giving it a Rivierafeel and they have brought a softer touch to what was a rather hard concrete area. By setting the cycle path between the carriage way and the Promenade it is now far more enjoyable to be on the Promenade as the cars are that much further away.

The Promenade, apart from being a great place for vistors and the beach, is regularly used by residents for a pleasant stroll or a healthy jog and now by many cyclists. There are several cafes and bars along the Promenade and of course there are opportunities for getting an  ice cream or even some candyfloss or rock!

My thanks go to the Southend cycle team, our engineers, parks department and senior officers who have all worked hard and as a team to get this delivered for Southend, on time andwithin budget and to the construction firm who worked hard and, with apologies to residents, overnight on some occasions to get it completed before the season starts.


2 responses to “Seafront Cycle Path Officially Opens

  1. Why no palm trees at the Shoebury end of the promenade?

    Can you please stop cyclists peddling along on the prom in front of the beach huts at Shoebury Common?

    Why do some ‘speed’ cyclists continue to cycle on the road when there is a cycle path available to them?

    Where the path is shared by cylists, walkers & dog walkers, can the cyclists be asked to take extra care and slow down a little – perhaps ring their bells (if they have one)?

    Your comments please.

  2. Sally
    There have been no Palm trees planted at the Shoebury end partly due to costs and, as it was felt that from around Maplin Way South there were plenty of pine trees and bushes already, we had to prioritize.
    I will certainly forward your comments re cyclists on the path to the officers to see what can be done.
    Legally cyclists are entitled to use the highway even where a seperate path is provided and there is nothing that I, or southend council, can do to change this.
    As regards the slowing down of cyclists on shared paths I will ask the officers if some signage could be put in.

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