Independents have gone too far…

Independent leaflets are untrue, inaccurate and misleading. Those leaflets that have lies and deliberate smears in them are now being reported to the Council and will be forwarded to the Electoral Commission.
Some of the truly dishonest claims include-
– The assertion that a Cllr up for election has agreed to the removal of 1000 trees in Belfairs Wood to make way for a new cycle road. This is complete fiction, there is no cycle road planned, no removal of any trees has even been considered and the whole lie was complete news to the Cllr concerned.
– That a bus service that was introduced in May 2008 and is still running as planned has ceased- the Independent leaflet claims it stopped after 3 months, another outright lie told to mislead residents.
– They state as fact the Conservative idea is to plaster the town centre in high density flats- totally incorrect this is not an idea that any Conservatives have or would support.
– That the Conservative group is planning to make me leader- absolute rubbish, Cllr Holdcroft is Leader and Cllr Lamb is Deputy Leader and we are all perfectly happy with them- I did not even put myself forward for election to any position at the recent AGM and there have been no discussions about this what so ever – just more lies and smears.
This is just a few of the lies put out in leaflets by Independent Candidates.

I appreciate that calling people ‘liars’ can often seem harsh, yet in this instance I beleive it to be totally justified – if not an understatment.

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