Independents are not as Independent as they claim

There is now quite a body of information that leads one to the conclusion that their claim of being independent is just a dishonest ruse.
– They have formed a company together.
– Cllrs Assenheim and Woodley have both signed the Liberal Democrat’s parliamentary nomination form.
– Cllr Woodley’s daughter has joined the LibDems. Clearly she is entitled to act independantly of her father however it appears to be part of a trend.
– Independents share a website.
– Independents have a party leader who takes a leaders ‘allowance’.
– Cllr Woodley, alongside many LibDems, openly supports skipp despite the proven inaccuracies of their claims.
– All the independent leaflets are designed together and in key areas carry the same message. Essentially just a pro forma with ward names and a few other specifics filled in and rearranged to suit.

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