Labour supporter vandalises grade II listed wall

Overnight or in the early hours a Labour supporter daubed ‘VOTE LABOUR’ in orange emulsion on my garden wall.   Pretty desperate if this is Labour’s new ‘vote winning’ advertising strategy. That said I have spoken to Cllr Norman (Leader of the Labour group) who was very supportive and I don’t imagine for one moment that it was the work of any official/organised Labour effort.

Rather I do think this is the direct result of the untrue, exagerated and often very personal “claims” that some desperate groups have made recently. This mindless vandalism  is a very sad reflection on whoever did this – it caused us little difficulty and was gone by mid-morning – but speaks volumes about the mentality of some people. Needless to say I have notified the police.

2 responses to “Labour supporter vandalises grade II listed wall

  1. You have my complete sympathy about the vandalism to your property. People who may disagree with your views, however strongly, have absolutely no right to express that view by harming a person or property.

    I am sure that all the people that I know and work with in the local Labour Party would say the same.

    As for the person committing the damage, I am not sure it would be fair to assume he or she was a “Labour supporter”. It certainly does nothing to help our cause and could well be someone who has an axe to grind against Conservatives and Labour.

  2. Matthew Zarb-Cousin

    Sorry to hear about the mindless vandalism.

    Whilst we might disagree with you over a number of issues, we have always respected the dignified manner in which the Conservatives have carried themselves during elections in Southend.

    A fight is not fair if it is unclean, and as Kevin rightly points out, I am confident that none of our local members would stoop to this level.

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