Southend Customer Services exceed National Expectation and Deliver Excellence!


Southend’s Conservative lead  Council introduced  ‘Customer Services’ a few years ago as a means to improve services and of becoming more resident/customer orientated, the service has received several accolades the latest of which  is that Southend has become an ‘accredited’ centre.

Following a recent inspection, the Council’s Customer Service Centre has become an ‘accredited’ centre within the Government’s Customer Service Excellence regime. To be accredited as delivering Customer Service Excellence, organisations must be judged by an independent expert to see if they successfully fulfil a range of challenging criteria laid down by the Cabinet Office.

Council staff provided extensive documentary evidence to support the 57 elements against which we were measured and the external assessor also spoke directly to customers, staff and partners of the Customer Service Centre. Officers were delighted to discover that he found no areas of non compliance and considered there were two areas where we exceeded all national expectations. The assessor was especially impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff and their willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for their customers and also the way in which customer feedback is used to shape services.

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