Trees, trees, and more trees!

Today sees the start of the tree planting to replace those to be removed at Cuckoo Corner. I visited the depot to take at look at the Horse Chestnuts and to learn about how they will be secured.

These are not tiny saplings but fairly substantial specimens and they will be carefully anchored in place, looked after and nurtured, conkers could come at any time but most likely in a year or two. The first batch are already in the park being planted today and this group will follow tomorrow. Altogether the Council will  be planting some 41 trees to replace the 16, of which 4 are none too healthy, that are to be removed for the scheme.

These trees have been grown in the ground for some years in rich and replenished composts, they are lifted regularly to encourage a tight root ball then finally lifted and brought to the depot. Each tree will be carefully planted with root ties etc and then it will be monitored and looked after until it is fully established.

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