Stop Press- Council Tax Cut

Southend’s Conservative Cabinet this afternoon agreed to a reduction in Southend Council Tax to 2.95%, that’s a cut of 1%. The reduction will not effect front line services but reflects the continued aim of Conservative lead Southend to keep a low Councuil Tax, indeed Southendwill  have one of the lowest Council Tax charges in Essex, yet it continues to offer a really exciting Capital Budget to keep improving the town. Cllr Lamb welcomed the reduction saying it reflected the economic climate and would help many residents, whilst Cllr Waite said how pleased she was to see £3m in the Capital Budget for The Pier. The budget now goes to full Council shortly.

2 responses to “Stop Press- Council Tax Cut

  1. Rather depends what it’s 2.95% of. Given we are starting with a low base odds are our increase in real cash terms is not so high. Also we must comparel like with like- small unitary with small unitary, rural district with rural district etc.
    How come your e-mail is Cllr Cox

  2. Southend Council tax is 2nd lowest in Essex and 2nd lowest of 40 similar/comparable towns- it’s what you pay in £ and p not the % increase that’s important. LOw Council tax, improving services that’s why Southend was short listed as ‘most improved council’

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