Southend Airport

Last Thursday at Council the Lib Dems put forward a notice of motion to try to get the planning application to extend the airport to be a decision of the full council. They did this because it appears that they have been told to oppose the airport by their National Party. Currently 17 councillors decide planning applications, they have all attended special training sessions on planning and sit on planning to represent the Council and Town not their own wards or themselves. Because they sit on planning they do not comment in advance on any planning applications. The notice of motion was voted down but it was agreed to arrange for all cllrs to attend the planning meeting and to speak at the meeting if they wish. It was also agreed that a way would be found for all councillors in future, who have received the required training in planning, for very important planning applications to take the decision. Changing the procedure half way through the planning process is problematical as many other Cllrs have not received any training in planning and some have already spoken out about the airport.

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