Following requests from Residents and the Police St Luke’s Conservative Councillors Anna Waite and Peter Ashley set to work to get the alleys closed off with gates, initially it was hoped that local business might offer some financial support but with the current economic situation it became clear that this would not happen. However, not prepared to give up they approached the council and gained council funding.

The alleys were originally used as short cuts between the streets and for the delivery of coal and removal of rubbish etc but nowadays the most common thing to find is the alley blocked by dumped rubbish and weeds. The Police wanted them gated to prevent kids hanging around and getting up to no good in them. The residents wanted an end to the kids and rubbish and the greater security that the gating provides for the rear of their properties.

 The Alleys in the following streets are being gated-  Glenmore Street (less  one alley at present), Beaufort Street, Moseley Street and one side of Richmond Street, in due course we hope to go back and do the other side of Richmond Street that leads to Surbiton and then so on along all the roads.

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