East Beach

East Beach- What’s it all about?

The Council wants to improve the car parking arrangements by restricting to one portion of the existing car park, provide a few BBQ areas with some seats and put in a new footpath and cycle track, whilst generally improving the area, planting new trees and screening shrubs and reinstating the public toilets and providing some showers. There are a number of issues that residents, councillors and the local police want dealt with and the Council believe that by doing this work it will both deal with the problems and improve East Beach.

However,  residents who live closeby do not want the parking to be restricted to where it is – they want it moved further away  and to be provided all along the little road, this will mean cars everywhere and no car free areas to wander or play in. They and the independent candidate, thinking there might be a few votes in it, are opposing the council scheme which is strange, since more grass, tidier car parks, better control, absence of kids in cars doing wheelies, more trees, improved toilets with showers and a great new addition to the coastal footpath and cycle track would be welcomed by most!
I think the word NIMBY sums these folk up, shame they keeps sending nasty e-mails it doesn’t really help their argument!

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